Diamond Handyman
Diamond Handyman

Where to Find Us:

Diamond Handyman

Located in the
San Francisco Bay Area

We serve mostly the East Bay

but do go to other areas on occasion


Most of our work is done

Monday thru Friday but I can be

reached over the weekend

to discuss work


Office: (510) 633-1488

Cell: (510) 414-1032

Services Delivered

  • Painting
  • Electrical
  • Carpentry
  • Plumbing
  • General Household Care
  • And many more things    

About Us

My wife and I put our handyman service together several years ago.  Most of the work I do myself, but I have some reliable assistants who help out as needed.

I have learned much of what I know from working in the remodeling and new home construction business for over 20 years as a painting contractor. The general contractors I have worked for have taught me many aspects of how a house is put together.  And working on my own house has further enhanced my experience. 

I have also taken numerous classes at the Berkeley Education Center on Electrical Work ,  Foundations and even Building a House. This and lots of hands on experience has given me a good education on how to fix most problems that might arise with a house. Along with the simpler things like hanging pictures on walls. 




Danny Beltran

Cell:  (510) 414-1032

Office: (510) 633-1488

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